Sports bikes, with their speed and style, evoke images of agility and thrill. However, riding them poses risks, making sports bike insurance crucial. The allure of speed and style often leads to compromised safety, particularly on Indian roads. Before purchasing a sports bike in India, comparing insurance quotes to secure the ideal coverage is essential.

Investing in a sports bike in India is a significant cost, and safeguarding that investment is crucial. A bike insurance policy provides you and your bike coverage, offering confidence in your rides. Purchasing two-wheeler insurance online makes it convenient to find the right coverage for your bike.

Compare and purchase policies online, whether you need third-party or comprehensive coverage. Our simple online process makes buying and managing your bike insurance hassle-free. 

Let’s learn a little bit about buying bike insurance online.

Crucial Information Regarding Sports Bike Insurance

Owning a sports bike requires comprehensive insurance due to the risks of vandalism, theft, and natural disasters. Sports bike insurance differs from standard coverage, so it’s crucial to be aware of these distinctions. Prioritise the protection of your superbike with specialised insurance tailored to its unique needs.

Cost Of Sports Bike Insurance

Insurance companies determine sports bike insurance premiums based on age, brand, engine capacity, safety features, fuel type, mileage, year of manufacture, modifications, and purchase price. Quotes are typically higher due to India’s elevated cost of sports bikes.


Comprehensive insurance offers various valuable add-ons, including zero depreciation, breakdown cover, engine protection, pillion rider coverage, and NCB protection. Each add-on should be chosen based on specific needs, considering that the cost of sports bike insurance increases with each addition. *

Zero Depreciation Coverage:

Basic bike insurance may not fully reimburse repair costs, deducting based on damage and market value. Zero depreciation cover is essential for sports bike owners, ensuring full claim amount without deductions, making it a popular and valuable add-on. *

Comprehensive Insurance

Sports bikes can be expensive to repair, so that any damage could be costly. Therefore, even though basic bike insurance covers the most basic damages, more is needed for sports bikes. Sports bike riders require comprehensive insurance for better benefits. Comprehensive insurance can be advantageous as it provides more excellent coverage than minimum third-party insurance, shielding the third-party beneficiaries from bodily injury and even demise. *

Customised Plans:

Each sports bike is unique, requiring specific maintenance. Generic bike insurance may not suffice; opt for a customised plan tailored to your bike’s needs.

Pillion Rider Cover:

Safety coverage for riders and passengers is crucial for sports motorcycle owners.

Standard two-wheeler insurance excludes passengers; add a pillion rider protection feature for passenger indemnity in case of injury or demise. *

Having acquired all the essential knowledge about sports bikes, you are in a better position to choose your insurance. Even though it’s costly to have sports bike insurance, resist the urge to pay more than is necessary. Examine various policies to determine which one suits your needs. Make sure you do the Bajaj Allianz’s two-wheeler insurance renewal on time.

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*Standard T&C Apply

Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms, and conditions, please read the sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.