Summer season brings with it many problems. If you do not work properly in this season, then many problems start arising from your house to your car. Many tasks increase at home, from AC-cooler repair to vehicle servicing. In this season, you must have noticed that problems arise regarding the maintenance of the car. In summer, there are many problems like overheating of the car, flat tyre, engine trouble and reduced mileage. But what can we do to avoid these?

To avoid these, we need to take care of the car. We all do common maintenance of the car, but if you do not want to invest much money in your car during summer and want the car to run smoothly even in this season, then you should keep some tips in mind.

1. Be sure to check the car’s battery-

In summer, many problems arise regarding car battery. At this time corrosion or carbon starts accumulating in the battery. Apart from this, the clamps of the car battery are not tight and in such a situation the car shuts down again and again. Stopping the car while moving always creates problems and in such cases the expenses of the mechanic are very high anyway. If the car is old then this can be an even bigger problem. In such a situation, in this season, you must check your car battery and if you are taking the car for service, then give special instructions to get the battery checked.

2. Keep the engine cool-

There is water or coolant liquid present in the car which can keep the engine from overheating. If your car is deficient in it or does not have it then the car will overheat frequently and there is a possibility of the engine stalling during long distance journeys. Make sure to get your car checked before the summer season starts. While getting the car checked, keep in mind things like battery, engine, coolant etc.

3. Engine Fluids-

Engine fluids can also act as coolant during summer season. Also check engine oil, windshield washer fluids, power steering fluids, etc. before summer. If these are in the right quantity then the problems of the car during summer will be reduced to half. People do not get the oil of the car changed for many days, due to which there is a possibility of debris getting into the engine and causing it to overheat. Don’t make such mistake.

4. Air Filter and Air Conditioner-

While getting your car serviced in summer, you should also get the air filter and air conditioner checked. Running of AC in summer also affects the mileage and performance of the car. In such a situation, if the air filter and air conditioner system is not proper, there will be more pressure on the car engine. Its cleaning is also important, sometimes the wire of the AC duct also gets damaged due to which there is a problem of controlling the temperature in the car. Therefore, whenever you take the car for service, do this check.

5. Sunshield and Dashboard Cover-

It will not be checked by the mechanic but you will have to complete this tip yourself. In fact, if your car remains parked in a parking space during summer, many times there is nothing to protect it. Due to heating in the sun, both the engine and the exterior and interior of the car are affected. In such a situation, the cabin of the car also gets hot. Therefore, it is very important to protect the car and for this you can get dashboard cover or sunshield etc. This will also protect the seats from heating up.

Along with this, do not use too strong perfume in the car in summer. Doing this may increase the problem of vomiting in the car. This may bother many people. Do not run the AC too fast, instead try to keep the temperature of the car normal.

All these tips can save your car from some major problems.