Talk about travelling to Europe and the continent remains on every traveller’s wish list. But the high travel expense might keep you away from experiencing this ultimate destination. Worry not, if the expense is the reason that’s keeping you away from travelling to Europe. Because in this article, we are covering budget-friendly ways to travel to Europe.

How to Travel to Europe in Budget- Here are the answers

Opt for Hostels than the HotelsWhy hostels? Because they are cheap. And not just this, hostels also are the best places to meet people and befriend them. If you are a solo traveller, then the cost per night could be anywhere between $ 12 to 15.

Go for Car-sharing Services 
If you really wish to save your money on travel, do consider using car-sharing services in Europe. You can opt between BlaBlaCar and, as they both work well in most of the European countries. Under this service, the driver travelling between the destinations with extra seats opens his car for bidding. The prices are very competent, and their service is safe too (that’s the review provided by fellow travellers).

Opt in FlexiBus If you are not willing to pay for Eurail, which of course is expensive, then FlexiBus- the low-cost bus travel is what you should consider for travelling across the European countries.  Through their services, you get to cover over 1000 destinations across 20 European countries.

Buy an International SIM card Avert paying high roaming charges on your Indian number. Consider switching to Europe SIM card which saves you up to 75% of your roaming bills. No need to buy a SIM card for each country you travel. One SIM takes care of your whole trip to Europe.

Enjoy Street Food

Go binge eating on the street food because it’s not only a cheaper option but also hygienic. Strict hygiene laws govern all the eateries, so there’s nothing to worry about while you dig into your finger food or a street delicacy. They are super delicious too!

Cook Your FoodWhile you enjoy world-famous cuisines, wines and beers offered in European countries, be sure to cook your meals whenever possible because food and drinks form one of the biggest expenses while travelling. Europe has numerous local markets wherein you will find fresh produce at a decent price for cooking.

Walk it Out Always walk if your destination is close by. Not just good for your health but by doing this you also get a more intimate experience of the city and its offerings. It’ll save you lots of money too.

Choose More Budget-friendly Destinations When travelling to Europe on a budget, be sure to choose your countries of travel wisely. Here is the guide on best places in Europe you must visit. This will save you a lot of money as some countries are more expensive than others. Avoid North and Western countries of Europe if you are on budget travel, as these countries are expensive. 
To give you an idea-Scandinavia is very expensive in terms of food, stay and attractions. Same is the case with London and Paris. Portugal amongst these is cheaper. Try to keep your travel towards Southeast, as everything here is more affordable from food and drink to stay and attractions.