Several factors, such as the rise of AI, the expanding importance of user experience, and the popularity of electronic devices will shape the web development trends in 2024. In this article, we will explore the top 10 web development trends that might affect the companies offering web design and development services in India.

Top 10 Web Development Trends

i) Artificial Intelligence (AI) Functions in Applications

In recent years, AI has become popular, and it is also used by marketing teams for creating content and predicting consumer behavior on their websites. In 2024, the popularity of  AI will continue to grow while replacing traditional methods like support portals.

ii) AI-Based Tools

The trend of using standard developer tools is growing day by day. By utilizing AI, tools like Raycast (launcher) and Cursor (IDE) effectively help users to faster perform their daily tasks like debugging code. The popularity of the cursor (IDE) extension has also increased, helping in writing code with detailed suggestions.

iii) Serverless Architectures

Cloud providers such as AWS, GCP, and Azure are continuously adopting serverless services. It seems like the prices of cloud architecture adoption and serverless services won’t slow down this year. Moreover, there are many reasons for this growth as it removes a lot of effort involved with traditional managing and also removes the need to manage a server while running a backend service.

iv) Jamstack

Since 2015, the demand for Jamstack has been increasing every year. As shown in Netlify’s State of Web Development Report, there was no exception for Jamstack to grow in 2023 but it grew by +30% among the developers. This year (2024) is also expected to be similar and jamstack products and services will continue to increase in usage and popularity. This means it is a great time to learn about this amazing software.

v) Dark Mode

Among developers, Dark Mode has always been famous for its designs, but in recent months or years, the designs of Dark Mode have also become popular among non-developer audiences. These designs can be seen on websites like Behance and Dribble. Dark Mode creates a comfortable view by using various color schemes and darker backgrounds.

vi) Adoption of Typescript

Among developers, TypeScript has always been popular as it provides improved error detection and productivity to developers. As per the studies, the popularity of TypeScript has gone up a level and it has become the third most popular language for open-source projects by replacing Java. Therefore, it is to be expected that TypeScript will show tremendous growth in 2024 as more and more developers are learning it.

vii) Component-driven Development and Design

As the demand for libraries and frameworks like Vue and React is rising every year, their priorities for the practices for component-driven development and design are also rising. In addition, there are also multiple reasons to follow these practices, such as simplification in communication, reduced code duplication, and improved collaboration.

Viii) Headless Content Management Systems

Headless CMSs separate both layers, one is where the content is presented (presentation layer) and the other is where the content is managed (backend layer). Above all, it allows, the writer to manage content in one place and deploy it on any digital platform. In the past two years, it has been found that there is increasing popularity of Headless CMS, and even in 2024 it will tend to rise.

ix) API-First Development 

With the growing popularity of Headless CMSs and Jamstick architecture, there is also an increase in the popularity of API-first development. Significantly, this development provides an easy way to develop bespoke applications that join a tool series through APIs. In this way, you can build a great experience on desktop and mobile while supporting content delivery.

x) Animated UI and Engaging UX

Eventually, it is essential to develop more engaging interfaces and transitions that keep users engaged on your website. Animation tools like Framer Motion make it easier to add 3D elements and animations to your website to engage users and audiences.


The latest web development trends mentioned above can help your website stay ahead in the digital market. Therefore, you must implement these latest web development trends to ensure the growth of your website.

In addition, if you’re planning to apply these trends to your company’s website, you should assign the design work to a devoted company that provides the best web design and development services in India.