Fireplaces add a lot in terms of character and look to your house. They can be anything from spartan necessities to visual centerpieces for your living spaces that you entertain guests around. 

But if you are thinking that a fireplace doesn’t match the kind of home decoration style that you are going for then think again. If you want it, you can make it happen. With some clever home decoration ideas for fireplaces, you can accessorize and customize your fireplaces every which way you want. By doing this you can make sure that your fireplace aligns with your style of home that you are going for.  

Scandinavian Style for Minimalism 

Scandinavian, especially Icelandic and Nordic, architecture and design are famous for bringing the modern minimalistic look into the forefront of the design world. They are the leading pioneers that have revolutionized the look. That’s why it is completely on-brand that the Scandinavian-styled fireplace fits extremely well with your minimalistic-styled house. 

A Scandinavian fireplace has very little pomp or opulence. Often coming with storage space for firewood, it has a quiet character to it. You can enhance its look by using simple wooden furniture along with sheepskin comforters for additional comfort on the hard furniture.  

Make it An Accent Piece 

If you want something which is visually striking and immediately grabs attention, you can turn your fireplace facade into a faux accent wall. By using deep, rich colors like black, grey, and cream gold you can not only add to the look of your fireplace itself but also create a visual contrast with the rest of the house with the fireplace facade. 

Try not to go for too unusual of color like baby pink or bottle green as that has a significant chance of just looking like a tacky gimmick.  

Why Not Try Marble 

Marble facade fireplaces are a classic. While they can be a little tough to maintain over the years, no one can deny their timeless beauty and elegance. With so many varieties and colors of marble available as well, you can find a piece that suits your home’s decoration style, no matter how different it is from the timeless elegance of a marble fireplace.  

Choose a Chic Cover

If you aren’t bound to using your fireplace constantly, there will be times when you will place its cover in front of the hearth. By choosing a visually trendy and striking screen, you can add to the look of your fireplace when there is no fire in it. After all, when lit almost every fireplace is enchanting in its own way. 

Parting Words 

Fireplaces aren’t just a necessity of a bygone era but provide an opportunity for clever designers and homeowners to use them in ways that complement their house by either being in tone or by creating a visual contrast. No matter which way you chose to go with your fireplace, it doesn’t seem like they’ll be going out of style anytime soon.